• How many knives does one person REALLY need in the wilderness?

    MEC is the worst place in the world for an indecisive shopper like me to be.

    Yesterday, I went for a “quick” shopping trip to pick up a few backpacking supplies and ended up spending 20 minutes looking at sporks. In fact, there’s an entire spork section! Do I want a titanium spork? No, because $21 is too much and I don’t plan to use it to break out of prison someday. Do I want a thin, light, plastic spork? Depending on the length of the fork-teeth, I would worry about it breaking in my bag. Too long and they becomes delicate, too short and I might as well opt for a spoon. What about a full cutlery set? Is that more appropriate? Will that weigh too much? What’s my name again? AAAAAAAHHHH!

    My main question during this shopping adventure was: Why the hell is this Bear Grylls guy promoting so many murderous-looking hunting knives? They all look the same to me, yet each package has a different creepy image of his mud-slicked face and crazy eyes in the forest. It’s the stuff of nightmares. Apocalypse now!

    (RAW update: I’ve reach 50% of my goal for GLIMPSE ticket sales! I have 8 days left to sell the remaining 10 tickets…want to help me meet my target? Click here! :) THIS shopping decision should be an easy one…! Need more convincing? Check out this article published earlier this year by Metronews!)

  • 24 Hours

    I'm in a GREAT mood!

    In the past 24 hours: 

    -Shane (my talented photographer boyfriend), Isolde (my award-winning hair and makeup artist) and four inspiring Backcountry Beauties completed a creative photoshoot for a charity initiative last night (more about this in the coming months!). 

    -I completed a bunch of chores today and picked up the materials for a new commission order 

    -I bought a Square Reader, so I can now accept credit card payments from my cellphone (this will help immensely for July's GLIMPSE showcase on July 10th!)

    -I SOLD TWO PAINTINGS! Peony Gardens and Copper Porphyry are going to their new forever homes.

    This weekend is shaping up to be amazing. I hope yours are all starting on a good note, too :)

    Much love,


  • June FosterMAK Art Show - A success!

    June FosterMAK Art Show - A success!

    This past weekend's FosterMAK Art Show was a success! It was amazing to see the creative swell of artistic works throughout the GIANT space we filled...I am honoured to be considered good enough to swim in that talent pool! Here are a few shots from this weekend: 

    Moi, day two. 

    "Apprehension" by James Lisweed (one of my faves on the FosterMAK website)

    Cool B&W's by the strong and smiley type, Edie Vlooswyk

    Our violinist, rocking some sweet loafers! 

    Pretty and colourful abstracts by Kyla Alty

    That SNOWY OWL print! Just gorgeous! Photography by Anat Gat (who wins the gold star for sales tactics this weekend. She's a pusher! Haha) 

    My event photographers :) 

    Next show: GLIMPSE by RAW Artists Calgary on Friday, July 10th @ Standard Nightclub, 11AM-11PM. For more details and to purchase discounted $15 tickets through my profile, please click here

  • May Mayhem

    The month of May was pure madness for me, hence the dry spell in blog posts. Here are a few reasons why I have been avoiding computer screens:

    - I turned 29 years old (or, as some jerks pointed out, “I am entering my 30th year”…phooey!). Naturally, a large party to distract me from my mortality needed to be thrown. Margaritas for everyone!


    - I coordinated a chase vehicle and accommodations for 42 geologists for CSPG’s annual ‘SIFT’ 4-day field trip through the Rocky Mountains, which was fabulous, but not without its problems. Beautiful weather this year, and the students were all go-getters!

    - I travelled to Europe for a two-week Girl’s Vacation for some much needed R&R. It was amazing! Perhaps I will write more about England & Croatia if I can find time.

    I was looking forward to relaxing in June, but it doesn’t look like I will get to slow down anytime soon!

     My focus is now:

    1)      Preparing five paintings for FosterMAK’s weekend art show at Eau Claire Market June 12th-14th (please visit the website for more details! I’m so excited/nervous!),

    2)      Ordering more business cards,

    3)      PAINT! PAINT! PAINT! (gardening while it dries)

    4)      Advertising for Calgary’s RAW Artists show ‘Glimpse’ on July 10th at Standard Nightclub, which I will be participating in! Tickets will be available in limited quantities at the door for $20, BUT you are in luck! You can get advanced tickets for only $15 if you purchase them through my RAW artist profile: click here!

    5)      Physically preparing for a two-nighter backpacking trip through Skoki Loop in Lake Louise, with two other crazy-awesome girlfriends (Am I blessed with friendship, or what!?!!). I will try to not get eaten by bears. Yay!

    Here are a few photos from the past month for your enjoyment :-) 

  • Finding Beauty in the Ordinary

    Finding Beauty in the Ordinary

    I find the world inspiring. I have come across crumpled food wrappers, rusted metal pipes, and horribly gloomy skies and thought "Man, life is beautiful". And it is, so long as you are looking for the beauty in the ordinary. 

  • Landscape Experiment

    Why bother being an artist if you can't experiment? 

    I was a little nervous attempting to create a landscape piece without losing a part of my identity. All of my paintings these past couple years have been VERY abstract, very open to interpretation. I wasn't sure if I was ready to try something different, because I do feel fondly about the abstract art genre. However, this was an opportunity to shake things up a little, while still maintaining an air of abstraction (MOUNTAIN AIR, that is! Hardy har har) 

    These two paintings took a long time to finally figure out a workflow. They had very humble beginnings in my garage last summer (throw back photo below. Fun fact: one landscape didn't survive and ended up becoming Mini Meltz Massacre!), and I was thankful for the space to paint three large canvasses at once. It was also the first time I experiemented with spray paint, and loved it! That's part of the reason why the skyline looks so purdy.

    After several months of work, I'm happy to announce that Alberta Beauty and Alpine Meadow are finished and ready for a new home. It has been fun, but I'm eager to get back to my roots :)  


  • Seeing is Believing

    Seeing is Believing

    Sometimes it's difficult to see a photo of a painting online and envision it in your space. Thankfully, FosterMAK is here to help! Here are some examples from my artist portfolio page to compare sizes and styles in different settings. 

    ...You are welcome.


    Check out all the other talented Calgary artists and become a collector today!

  • Taylor-Made


    This is my bedroom. One of the great joys of creating your own artwork can be rotating paintings from room to room, constantly changing the look of things! This painting is from 2014's collection, Hold Me Under, and it just so happens to match our current bedspread perfectly. 

    Did you know, you could have an original, custom painting like this for your very own home? 

    Here's how it works:

    1. Contact me at: to book an appointment

    2. We review the space together, talking about lighting, favourite colours, textures, and artistic preferences. I will suggest a canvas size to work with and will shop for all the necessary materials. Once I am prepared to start working, I will forward you the receipt for reimbursement (consider it a deposit against your final product!)

    3. When it is 99% complete, we will review the painting together. Once it has been approved, I will apply all the finishing touches: varnish, hanging wire, signature. 

    4. The finished painting will be delivered to your home and we all live happily ever after!  

    The best part about commission work is: It costs the same! I will not charge anything extra above and beyond my current price matrix (Yes, I have a formula). You can have something special, custom-made, and unique to fit your space without breaking the bank. And, of course, 25% of your purchase will be donated to charity! 

    "I think the collectors have made an enormous contribution, not only to the market but to painters themselves... These people that buy, that set standards, make everyone else itch to emulate." - Philip Johnson, American architect and founder the Department of Architecture and Design at the Museum of Modern Art in NYC.

  • Momentous Occasion!

    Back in February, I ambiguously posted on my Create Fate Facebook page: “Big things are happening”. Something awesome was in the works, but I was afraid to reveal too much in case plans went South (as plans often do). Well, I am happy to say that the stars have aligned and the fates are with me: BIG THINGS ARE OFFICIALLY HAPPENING!  

    My friends, allow me to introduce you to FosterMAK, a local online gallery supporting Calgary artists (surprisingly, the first of its kind!). When I heard about this concept, I immediately jumped onto the waitlist, hoping my portfolio would be worthy of being showcased alongside 30 other YYC artists. To my surprise and delight, my work was accepted, and I have been adopted into the FosterMAK family!

    Stacey Walyuchow is the brains (and beauty) behind the operation. She has a passion for the arts and has always wanted to run her own gallery, with a twist. Her dreams turned into reality in late 2014, when she took the plunge and began enlisting talent for her website, which currently hosts 39 diverse local artists. She truly wants to inspire the next generation of collectors, and encourages people to “buy local” and foster the rewarding experience of owning original artwork. In addition to managing and promoting her website, Stacey also organizes regular art shows and is building contracts with various establishments around Calgary to showcase FosterMAK artwork on a rotating basis (she is a busy bee! Check out her "About" writeup below.)

    Stacey and I clicked instantly, and I am thrilled and honored to be a part of the FosterMAK community. 

    Let the good times roll!


  • Magic Mist & Local Shout-out

    My spray bottle does seem to create magic when I paint. The water seems to melt into the acrylics and soften up the edges, making the paint flow freely and dance on the canvas. I use a lot of water most days...sometimes I want it to be special.

    If I want to transform my boring old tap water into Magic Princess Water, I add a secret ingredient (courtesy of Calgary's own Silk Road Spice Merchant): Rose Water! This stuff smells so heavenly I'm tempted to dab it all over like a perfume. It makes the painting process even more enjoyable.

    *Spritz, sniff! Spritz, sniff!*

    If you've never been to The Silk Road in Inglewood before, I highly recommend a visit. Just go in there and sniff around. They carry five different types of cinnamon, from all over the world! That's just crazy! I challenge you to go inside the store and not buy a thing...pretty sure it's impossible.

  • The Power of Social Media

    Create Fate's Facebook Page currently stands at 132 "likes". I'm not a master of social media by any stretch of the imagination, but I am starting to fully realize its power. 

    132 doesn't sound like a lot, but it is.  

    It consists of three Americans, two from California and one from Tennessee! 

    It consists of two Europeans: one from France, one from the UK

    It contains one South American (Argentina)

    It contains one person from Iraq, Egypt, Bangladesh, and one mystery person from a seemingly beautiful, jungle-filled country.

    Lastly, it consists of 122 amazing Canadians, many of whom I am lucky to call close friends. These friends stretch from my West Coast hometown of White Rock, through the beautiful prairies (my new hometown), all the way to theEastern Provinces. My friends, who have taken precious time out of their busy schedules to share my page with their friends who shared it with their friends and opened my artwork up to the world...  

    132 doesn't sound like a lot of "Likes", but it has brought the world to my fingertips. I am grateful. I am awestruck. I am excited to see where this will take me next...


    This gives me the courage to branch out. My original love affair with Facebook will still burn wild and free, but I am straying for stronger, more handsome social media platforms! To see some embarassingly simple posts, shameless hashtagging and new content: you can now follow me on Instagram and Twitter 

  • Second Life

    Second Life

    Painting is not simply an additive process. There are situations that require smearing, wiping, and lifting of paint to achieve a certain effect. I was taught to use paper towels as the ‘go-to tool’ for this method, but have always been plagued with guilt over the waste this creates. I have even gone so far as to keep the soiled paper towels and let them dry, only to attempt to re-use them until no more paint/water could possibly be absorbed. And then I will finally dispose of them.

    I am aware that painting could not (easily) become a waste-free process, but I try to minimize my impact whenever possible. This has become a mild case of hoarding: collecting old tissue paper from birthdays/Christmas, bubble wrap, packing sponges…Shane’s old pajama pants…

    The Story:

    Shane’s PJ pants were threadbare, with rips along the side hems where the pocket linings could spill out into the world and expose a small patch of flesh. When he wore them, he looked like he sprung out of an episode of the Trailer Park Boys (minus the beer belly). I could feel my face scrunch up in disbelief when I stared at his pocket linings, and playfully (aggressively) tried to grab them and rip apart the seams so he would be forced to replace them, but Shane knew. He would sprint away just out of my reach, laughing as he retreated to the basement with coffee in hand. It was infuriating!

    The pants had been in a longterm relationship with Shane long before I entered the picture, and that was nearly 5 years ago. I don’t want to know how old they really are. They were dangerously close to disintegrating each time he washed them, and when he would don them around the house I would always cry out in horror: “When are you going to get rid of those things?!”

    So when he made the decision last weekend to finally replace the leg rags, I was ecstatic. His old PJ pants laid in a heap on the floor, begging to be tossed into the garbage. But not before I had my way with them!

    I didn’t think it was possible to make these pants look any worse, but when I’m through with them, they won’t be recognizable anymore.


  • Calgary 10th Annual Timeraiser - Submission Round 2!

    Calgary 10th Annual Timeraiser - Submission Round 2!

    Calgary's 10th Annual Timeraiser will happen on April 30th @ Flames Central. Perhaps one of my paintings will be up for grabs to the highest time-bidder!?! I submitted three painting from my 2014 collection (Vertigo, Metamorphosis, & Hold me Under) and two newbies from the 2015 album (Mini Meltz Massacre & Copper Porpyry -- HOT OFF THE PRESS!)  

    If you've never heard of Timeraiser, check it out! It's a great way to snag some sweet artwork from emerging artists in exchange for volunteer hours (last year, Timeraiser included some pretty big names in the local art scene, too: Mandy Stobo and Sheila Kernan). It's a win-win-win: Artists have their work paid for in full, volunteer hours are raised for various charitable causes, and you get to take home an original work of art! 

    Cross your fingers for me! I will respond in March with the news...I'm so nervous... 

  • Photography Gripes

    Photography Gripes

    Some of my favourite paintings have a lot of texture to them. The ridges and valleys of different textural mediums can manipulate the paint in various ways, creating some interesting features. Such beauty is difficult to capture through the lens of a camera, and it's a real shame. How can I explain this disappointment to you? Here are the steps:

    1) After several days (or weeks...sometimes months...) of numerous colour washes, texturizing, colour lifting, canvas manipulation, paint splatters and powder dustings to get the composition juuuuust right, you decide it looks fabulous and apply your signature (yay!)

    2) You apply 4-5 coats of varnish, with drying time in between. This preserves the paint for longevity, evens out the tone and reflective properties of certain areas, and makes the colours pop. 

    3) You lavish the painting in love and compliments ("GAWD, you look good! You are going to be the prettiest painting on the wall, aren't you?? Yes you are!"), name it, date it, sign the back, and apply hanging wire. It's finally FINISHED! And like a proud parent, you're ready to send your baby out into the world feeling confident it will steal the hearts of everyone who sees it. 

    4) You photograph your painting in all its glory, and it sucks. It just fucking sucks! There are hot spots from the glossy varnish, the colours aren't quite right (yet when you try to edit them in Photoshop you just make the situation worse), and all of that beautiful texture on the canvas looks flat as fuck. All of your hard work and confidence just kissed you goodbye and exited out the back door...

    5) You begrudgingly post the 'representative' photo on your website and pretend you are happy with it. When in reality, you keep quiet like it's your dirty little KNOW those photos suck, but you shouldn't admit that to your audience. (Thankfully, I don't believe in censorship, so there you go. LET THE TRUTH BE KNOWN!)

    So, as you can see, I get a little frustrated when it comes to showcasing the final product. If you like one of my paintings but aren't 100% sure about it, please come see it in person. It's so much better in person! 

    Copper Porphyry (shown above) has a lot of juicy details, but the photo does not do it justice. Thankfully, I took a few close-ups to highlight some of these stand out features! (These photos suck too, but when you can't give quality you might as well give quantity...)

    Enjoy :)

  • One Classy Baby

    One Classy Baby

    When my pregnant friend asked me for a commission piece for her baby's new room, I was thrilled! Armed with four blank canvasses and a mosaic teddy bear for colour inspiration, I quickly got to work (her due date is early March! Hard deadlines are the best kind of motivation). It was the first time I had worked on a set of paintings before, and I quite enjoyed the process! Bouncing from canvas to canvas was good fun, and I could leave one layer alone to dry while I moved on to the next (something I have always struggled with). 

    As I have recently learned, newborns don't comprehend shapes and figures very well...but they find colour contrasts very attractive. Hopefully the wee babe will find comfort gazing into the light and dark shades of these pieces (and will give Mommy something nice to stare at during 4 AM feedings!). 

    This set is titled "New Beginnings", for obvious reasons. 


    Auntie Tay


  • Organized Chaos

    Organized Chaos

    Today was my semi-annual studio cleanup day. There comes a point when too much cat hair floats into the wet paint, when I struggle to find room to move around the canvasses, and when I continuously ask myself 'Where did I put that tube of paint...? Where did my coffee go? Is my cell phone in here?!?' 

    I am a little embarrassed to post these photos...I work in a pig sty. But hey, sometimes when you are being creative there is no time to put things in their rightful place. My studio is a direct reflection of my mind when I'm painting: organized chaos! 

  • Metallica!


    Working with metallics is a relatively new experience for me. I have always loved how they look in paintings – so rich and luxurious! In the past, my attempts to incorporate metallic paint into my art has usually ended terribly… the colours became very dull and finish was matte-like…definitely NOT the effect I was looking for!

    Making metallic paint look subtle (but awesome) has been my steepest learning curve to date. Even after learning these tips from the lovely Samantha daSilva, it is still a struggle:

    1) Never mix them with opaque acrylics!

    2) Student-quality acrylics dry VERY pale and subtle, so you end up using more…it’s better to invest in higher pigment artist quality paints when working with metallic hues

    3) Powdered metallics are great for intensity, but tend to float above the water/paint base until it’s dry…so be careful not to remove it when attempting to lift paint away from the canvas (or drip it off the edges!)

    4) In some cases, old makeup can be an appropriate substitute! (Almost makes me wish I never tossed my lime-green eyeshadow from my teenage years!) 

    Here are a few images from my latest WIP, showing the 'before' (powder sprinkle) and 'after' (sprayed with water) reminds me of T-1000 from Terminator 2!

  • Artistic Resolutions 2015

    First off, a recap and review of last year's resolutions:

    #1. Use my "freebie Fridays" twice per month to promote my artwork (blogging, posting photos, etc.)  I did NOT honour this one. My "freebie Fridays" usually consisted of housework and chores so Shane and I could relax and enjoy our weekends...Perhaps I should consider blogging as a chore and add it to my 'To Do List'? Ha.

    #2. Take at least two art workshops. I did this! I took Fearless Painting Level II with Samantha DaSilva, Acrylic Painting technical workshop with Shiela Kernan in Banff, and even did a private tutorial for art marketing. A+ for meeeeeeeee! 

    #3. Find a location to publicly display my paintings. I did this! Thanks to the fabulous owner of Rewind Consignment Clothing, five of my paintings are currently on display. This was likely my proudest moment of 2014!

    #4. Set up a mailing list for I think I did this? But I haven't tested it yet. C-!

    #5. Network, network, network I had lots of opportunities to foster new relationships, but I lacked the courage to follow through with any of them. I have the confidence to speak with friends about my artistic endeavors, but not with strangers. This will continue to be a priority for 2015... 

    Overall, I feel like 2014 was a fantastic year for learning and expanding my vision! I temporarily expanded my studio into the garage in the summer which allowed me to work on three HUGE canvasses at once, donated a painting to a Ride to Conquer Cancer fundraiser, tried out for Calgary Timeraiser, got five paintings displayed in a trendy downtown boutique, played with spray paint, and participated in my very first art show...and if it weren't for this blog, I would have forgotten about most of it! 

    2015 holds a lot of promise, and I have already been busy marketing my new work. I hope to spread good news about this soon. 

    My Artistic Resolutions for 2015 are:

    #1. Blog about SOMETHING once/month. Even if it's just a photograph or inspirational quote. At the year's end, I will be thankful that I kept track of my progress.

    #2. Display paintings in TWO new public spaces. Aim high!  

    #3. Showcase my paintings in some sort of show/market to practice speaking about my art to potential buyers (SCARY! I HAVE TO PRETEND LIKE I KNOW WHAT I'M DOING!)

    #4. Experiment with new textural mediums, techniques, and styles. Don't be afraid to try something new.

    #5. Network, network, network...again...

    Wish me luck! All the best to you in the New Year :)


  • Patience is a that I do not possess!

    PACING  (a poem by anxious Taylor)

    Little painting, 


    What will you become? 

    You are in the realm 

    of the unknown...

    When will you say you're 'done'? 

    These are some of my resuts from an afternoon of painting, wrapped in plastic. Who knows what it will look like when the sheet is peeled back...

    In my humble opinion, the most difficult part of being an artist is practicing the art of PATIENCE and knowing when to step away! 

  • Painting donation for #RTCC

    SkyFall Remix was donated to Amber's silent auction fundraiser to raise $ for her Ride to Conquer Cancer (remember Amber, the one battling ovarian cancer? Not only did she overcome it and survive chemotherapy, she is continuing to spread awareness about cancer prevention and research by keeping a blog and riding a goddam bicycle for two days through the ROCKY MOUNTAINS! The RTCC would kill me, and I don't have any known health issues to use for an excuse. This woman is so inspirational!!).

    The last time she saw the painting in between bartending shifts it was up to $150...I am so pleased it could make a difference! I may not be able to rock the RTCC, but I can support the cause in my own creative way :) 

  • New Partnership: Rewind Clothing

    This summer has been wonderful. I have been busy with the flower garden, wine tasting in BC, and many great nights out with my globe-trotting friends who were kind enough to visit our humble abode in cowtown! I have been all play and no work…well, almost no work…

    I was determined to reach one of my goals: to get my artwork on DISPLAY! I felt bad for my paintings, leaning against my studio walls and not getting the attention they deserved. They needed to be SEEN, and staying under my roof was not supporting this dream.  

    After some fishing around and a few broken promises, a dark-haired angel answered my prayers and opened up her walls to me. She runs a beautiful consignment clothing boutique DOWNTOWN, with a vaulted ceiling, a brick accent wall, and lots of colorful items to complement my latest paintings…it was an ideal setup! In addition, she has generously offered her space commission-free (which means more $ will go to charity). I am so grateful for this opportunity!

    Five of my paintings are hanging proudly on the walls of her boutique. I paid them a visit the other day and accidently (*ahem!*) bought a few new outfits…I could have easily spent another hour pouring through the racks of goodies, but had to cut myself off once a lineup for the dressing rooms began to form!

    If you are ever in the mood for a unique shopping experience (for clothing or art), do yourself a favor and check out Rewind Clothing on MacLeod and 10th Ave SE!  

  • Nine Collector Tips from Nine Canadian Gallery owners

    Collector Tip #1:

    “The biggest hurdle for many first time collectors is getting past the price of art. But remember

    it’s one of the few purchases you’ll make that will hold or increase in value over time. Amortize

    the cost over 20 or 25 years, and factor in the dividends of pleasure it will pay you every time

    you look at it, and buying art is a bargain.”

    Collector Tip #2:

    “Learn to trust your own tastes and don’t get caught up in hype and trends. Good art endures. If

    you’re moving or redecorating, consider reframing or rearranging your art. Educate yourself

    with the guidance of a qualified art dealer.”

    Collector Tip #3:

    Bugera recommends that first-time collectors look around the galleries, develop your own taste

    and listen to the dealers talk about the artists. But in the end buy what you love rather than

    what someone may say is an investment, because art as an investment is always a gamble.”

    Collector Tip #4:

    “Use the internet, Facebook and Twitter to search out new artists. Don’t be afraid to email or

    text the artist or the gallery with questions, to find out about new work and upcoming

    exhibitions. Enjoy the thrill of the hunt – however, you choose to hunt!”

    Collector Tip #5:

    “Research is an enjoyable aspect of art collecting. Attend “meet the artist” receptions; read

    reviews in newspapers and magazines to see what critics say about the artist or the genre that

    interests you.”

    Collector Tip #6:

    “Don’t hesitate to visit galleries often — they’re free. It’s one of life’s great pleasures. And if you

    see something you like, ask the staff whether you can try the painting at home before you

    commit. Layaway possibilities are also worth asking about.”

    Collector Tip #7

    “Most reputable galleries offer a trial period, where you can take a work home for a period of a

    week, maybe two to see how the work fits into your space. If you’re interested in a piece, don’t

    be afraid to ask the gallery if you can take it home on a trial basis.”

    Collector Tip #8

    Don't be concerned about too much art. It's fun to take down pieces and replace them with

    something else, then bring them out and hang them In a different location to see them in a

    different light or context. Go ahead and play curator with your collection.”

    Collector Tip #9

    “Purchase pieces of the best quality possible. Not all works by a given artist are equal;

    developing an eye for quality is critical to building a strong collection. Better to buy a

    well-executed smaller piece, than a less well-executed large piece. Taking courses to learn more

    about art techniques can be useful.”


    (Photo Source)

  • Day of Mourning

    Day of Mourning

    This news hit me hard. I was really looking forward to showcasing my paintings at this event...but, like the email suggests, there is always next year. 

    I am grateful for:

    1) The courage to submit an application

    2) The newfound drive to seek more exposure

    3) The opportunity to try again in the future

    4) Wine :)

  • The Waiting Game

    It's March 9th. One day after the closing of the judging panel decision (or so I thought). I haven't heard back from TimeRaiser about whether my artwork has been accepted into this year's program or not. I'm pacing around the house, obsessively checking my email inbox, pulling out my hair with anxiety...and then I read this:

    "Thank you for submitting your application to the Calgary Timeraiser. Your work will be reviewed by our volunteer art jury. All applications will be notified in April."

    April! How the fuck did I mix up THAT with March 8th!?

    April is so far away...

    *cue Jeopardy music*