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  • My Dirty Little Secret...

    What is the best way to achieve dreamy, effortless colours that melt into each other on the canvas?

    There is more than one way to achieve this effect, but I have found one easy way: Instead of washing away those beautiful (and sometimes expensive!) acrylic paints, try layering paints on top of your “dirty” roller/brush and just keep on painting. The wet-on-wet will cause the fresh paints to be deposited immediately and with further reworking of the brush/roller the older colours will blend into the foreground. Make sense? Beautiful AND frugal!  

    A word of caution: be careful not to get too crazy about colour mixing…choose them wisely, or else you might end up with some dull, muddy tones in the end. A good rule of thumb: don’t deviate too far from your initial colour palette…that way the blending will look natural on your canvas. Colour contrast is nice and can create some powerful eye-catching effects, but it typically looks best when applied in a controlled setting. 

    Happy painting, peeps!