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  • 2012 Charitable Donation :)

    2012 Charitable Donation :)

    Dear Supporters, 

    I am fortunate to work for an amazing company that matches donations to registered Canadian charities. Every October, they put forward a "Thanks and Giving" campaign to encourage employees to donate to a charity of their 2012 painting sales were donated to a non-profit organization in Edmonton (iHuman) that helps troubled youth avoid a lifestyle of self-destruction by harnessing the power of the arts (artists supporting artists!).

    As much as I adore this organization's vision, the flooding in Alberta was devastating for so many people and I would like to put my 2013 profits towards a charity that will support recovery efforts for those in need. Please contact me if you have any recommendations for which charities to support this year! (Remember: it must be a registered Canadian charity to be eligible for company matches!)

    Thank you for making a difference in so many ways.