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  • How Taylor Got Her Groove Back

    After quite a severe mental roadblock (see previous blog post) I can happily say I am back in the saddle. I am not riding a horse though, more like a tapir, or some other bizarre wild animal…but that’s a whole different metaphor for a whole different blog. 

    As most things are rarely straightforward in life, it probably comes as no surprise that the creative nudge I needed came from a random, unrelated source:

    My friend is launching a new business, so I casually checked out her website. While the structure, flow and branding on the site was impressive, I caught a few easy spelling and grammatical errors while I was browsing through the content. Anyone who knows me is aware of my attitude towards this: I am a stickler for proof-reading, particularly when it comes to business. Perhaps a little OCD…but certainly “Grammar Police” worthy. Summer students and job seekers take note - do not ever submit a cover letter or resume littered with spelling mistakes or else it’s getting tossed in the “filing cabinet”  *cough* – GARBAGE! - *cough*, and I am ruthless.

    The written word is often your first line of defense, meant to showcase your talents to the world and leave a lasting impression…Words are powerful. Donald Trump tweets notwithstanding, words can make or break you. In most situations, if you can’t take the time to proof read, you’re shooting yourself in the foot before the race even starts. (#covfefe)

    Now… I felt ashamed doling out unsolicited advice like this (because I hate people who do that!), but I compulsively went ahead and edited her web content and emailed her the revisions for approval. After all, she is my friend, and I care about her success! Thankfully, she recognized it as an act of love and wasn’t offended by my brazen copywriting. She even invited me to review several other advertisements and script animations they used to promote the new business, a task which I found quite fun. This got my creative juices flowing and…I’M PAINTING AGAIN!


    Perfect timing, too. There’s a FosterMAK show coming up at the end of the month and I wanted to showcase some fresh new art. Stay tuned for more details…


  • FosterMAK is partnering with Brookfield Residential!

    Exciting news! 

    FosterMAK has partnered with Brookfield Residential to bring some original local artwork to the walls of their latest display homes!

    I’m elated to announce that TWO of my abstract paintings have been chosen for their newest Riverstone Community spec home: Tiger Eye and The Sum is > The Parts

    These paintings will be on display in this brand new home from February 19th to June.

    The opening reception and art show will be held the weekend of March 4-6th. Come by on Friday evening (March 4th) to mingle, see some lovely Brookfield home designs and some fabulous local artwork from the FosterMAK artists. Stay tuned for more details!

    I have always had the opinion that art is at its finest when displayed inside a home, so I am honored to participate in this style of “gallery”!  

    Calgary, you are awesome.