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  • Amber’s Walk of Hope

    "Ovarian cancer is the most serious of all gynecological cancers. Over 2600 Canadian women are diagnosed every year; and every year 1750 women succumb to this disease…There is no screening test to detect it. But when found early  – and treated – ovarian cancer survival rate is 90%.” – Ovarian Cancer Canada

    A friend and coworker of mine was recently diagnosed with Stage 3 ovarian cancer. This news took my breath away…Amber is young, healthy, and trying to start a family. It’s just not fair. Cancer is greedy, indiscriminate, and changes lives too often and too quickly.  

    I was pleased to donate one of my paintings (My Little Pony) toward a silent auction fundraiser organized by Amber’s awesome younger sister, Kristy. She totaled an incredible $2800 in only two hours! That money will support ovarian cancer research, which will hopefully lead to the development of an early detection test and eventual CURE.

    On sunny September 8th, Amber wore a blue shirt on the Walk of Hope to show that she is a fighter-- a survivor! Two rounds of chemotherapy are over, with four more treatments to go. We walked for her recovery. We walked for the thousands of other women in Canada that will be diagnosed this year alone. We walked for the hope of a future cure, and to the death of ovarian (and all) cancer.  

    Way to go, ladies! I was honored to be able to contribute to the cause and walk beside you.