Product reviews
  • Texture Gel product review: White Opaque Flakes

    As I work with more acrylic paint brands and paint-related products, I am becoming pickier about their quality and effects on my paintings.

    Along with sand-based texture gels (ugh!), I have added another product to my “Never Again” list: White Opaque Flakes.

    The product looks like small angular (but flexible) pieces of plastic, similar in appearance to crushed egg shells. They are suspended in a clear gel. As advertised, they dry as White Opaque Flakes.

    My problem with this product is this: once dried, some flakes are anchored to the canvas, and others aren’t. The little flexible pieces tend to flap around, ripping off and revealing paint layers underneath or tearing apart my foam rollers.


    I find it difficult to make this product “mesh” well with my painting style. It applies clumsily: either thin, spotty and unstable layers OR blob-like impasto with sharp edges once dry. Perhaps this is an effect some artists want for their paintings, and that’s cool, but I can confidently say it’s not for me. 

    Now I’m stuck with a painting that I quite liked, until I realized the White Opaque Flakes were not securely fastened. I refuse to sell a painting that is at risk of breaking down…if a collector purchased this painting and, say, some flakes got ripped off by a passerby’s sweater, I would be mortified. I pride myself on delivering artwork that will stand the test of time, and that situation is unacceptable.     

    I scraped off as many “floaters” as I could this afternoon with a palette knife and abrasive sponge and applied some gloss gel overtop to (hopefully) remedy this situation. Tomorrow I plan to peel off any rebels with tweezers and kiss the old painting goodbye to start fresh. I just hope I don’t have to ultimately throw the canvas in the trash…