Media Coverage
  • Bolo Tie is going to be on TV!

    Global News Calgary is covering a segment on the GLIMPSE showcase tomorrow morning, and I’m proud to announce: one of my original abstract paintings will be featured on TV! This painting was inspired by my Grandpa's turquoise and leather Bolo Tie that I remember from when I was a just a wee cowgirl. I remember square dancing with him in my pink boots, watching him fill up jugs of OJ and vodka for the crazy rodeo clowns at 7AM, and feeding leftover pancakes to friendly prairie dogs. I figure this is an appropriate painting to show during Stampede week, as it's a homage to him. I hope he'd be proud of who I have become. 

    Our RAW Calgary art director, Lizzie Carr, has done an amazing job advertising this event around town despite living in Edmonton; She is one organized woman! Lizzie, thank you for your dedication and hard work to make this event possible. Tomorrow is going to be amazing!

    In a nutshell: GLIMPSE will feature >60 local RAW Artists, and will showcase all different artistic mediums for 12 hours straight (11AM-11PM, Friday July 10th @ Standard Nightclub -- next door to the Palomino). For those of you who bought pre-sale tickets through me, you should be registered on an electronic guestlist. For the wonderful procrastinators in my life, tickets are $20 at the door (cheaper than any of the Stampede tents, I might add…). For those of you who have no idea what I’m talking about…WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN HIDING?! You need to come see this and feel the ENERGY!   

    I will display eight paintings at my booth and will be present for the whole 12 hours (minus lunch and dinner breaks). If I’m not at my booth, you can find me LIVE PAINTING outside --EEEK!

    25% of my sales from tomorrow’s GLIMPSE showcase will be donated to the Children’s Hospital Art Program. Some of the kids will be there selling their creations for charity, too! 


    Need more info? Check out the GLIMPSE Facebook Event Page: here

  • The Power of Social Media

    Create Fate's Facebook Page currently stands at 132 "likes". I'm not a master of social media by any stretch of the imagination, but I am starting to fully realize its power. 

    132 doesn't sound like a lot, but it is.  

    It consists of three Americans, two from California and one from Tennessee! 

    It consists of two Europeans: one from France, one from the UK

    It contains one South American (Argentina)

    It contains one person from Iraq, Egypt, Bangladesh, and one mystery person from a seemingly beautiful, jungle-filled country.

    Lastly, it consists of 122 amazing Canadians, many of whom I am lucky to call close friends. These friends stretch from my West Coast hometown of White Rock, through the beautiful prairies (my new hometown), all the way to theEastern Provinces. My friends, who have taken precious time out of their busy schedules to share my page with their friends who shared it with their friends and opened my artwork up to the world...  

    132 doesn't sound like a lot of "Likes", but it has brought the world to my fingertips. I am grateful. I am awestruck. I am excited to see where this will take me next...


    This gives me the courage to branch out. My original love affair with Facebook will still burn wild and free, but I am straying for stronger, more handsome social media platforms! To see some embarassingly simple posts, shameless hashtagging and new content: you can now follow me on Instagram and Twitter