Art Sales
  • Archived paintings of 2015

    A photo collection of commission works and paintings sold in 2015 (my record year to date!) 

    "New Beginnings" - a quadriptych commission job for my friend's baby nursery, inspired by a funky mosaic Teddy Bear. 

    “Easy Come, Easy Go” – a diptych commission for my coworker. I bought some pink Fluevog heels with this sale! Treat yo’ self!

    "Copper Porphyry" - my first sale with FosterMAK :) 

    "Hold me Under" - a painting for Dr. Kent, who is working diligently to find a cure for Alzheimers <3 

    "Mini Meltz Massacre" - A fun painting for my coworker's little girl (she's such a character!)

    "Into the Mystic" - delivered on our annual summer roadtrip through BC. I really loved how this painting evolved, and I was a little sad to see it looks lovely in its new home!  

    "Globetrotter" - a birthday present for my dear friend down in Colorado! Also my first abstract painting. Extra special! 

    "Peony Gardens" - hanging in a beautiful woman's beautiful apartment in West Vancouver. This painting + her couch pillows = a match made in heaven! 

    "Vertigo" - a silent auction piece benefitting the Alberta Children's Hospital Foundation, sold to the highest bidder at the October FosterMAK show & sale

  • Prices Are About to Increase (and I’m not talking about oil…)

    Prices Are About to Increase (and I’m not talking about oil…)

    Hello friends,

    I wanted to take this opportunity to warn you: my art prices are going to increase as of September 1st. I’m not trying to be a jerk, I’m trying to give myself a raise! Let me explain:

    2015 has been an incredible year for my art career so far. So much has happened since January:

    - I renewed my art partnership with Rewind Clothing and switched up the store display (visit my two Alberta-inspired landscapes, Alpine Meadow and Alberta Beauty!)

    - I joined FosterMAK’s online gallery and participated in their June art show. Because of Stacey’s hard work promoting the artists and organizing shows, she earns a commission on all her sales.   

    - I ordered new business cards to include my NEW social media accounts (follow me!)

    - I registered with Square Reader to now accept credit card payments

    - I became a RAW artist and participated in their GLIMPSE showcase in July, which included a live painting event AND a TV segment with Global News Calgary featuring one of my paintings!

    - I donated $250 to iHuman Youth Society last week, thanks to my fabulous collectors! Thanksgiving is usually when I submit my donations, but since my 2015 sales have been so hot I figured I should donate some of my contributions early. 25% of all my art sales go to charity, and iHuman is one of my favourite places to give.

    Because of all these factors, my ‘artist value number’ is going to justifiably increase from a 7 to a 9 starting September 1st. (What is an artist value number, you ask? To paraphrase DaSilva’s blog: It’s a combination of things, mostly related to the level of experience, exposure, gallery representation, etc.)

    Example: to calculate my painting’s worth, I add the gallery canvas dimensions together (24” + 24” = 48) and multiply it by my Artist Value Number (9). 48 x 9 = $432. Ta-da! Pricing is one area where I lack creativity!

    So, if you are interested in purchasing an original painting, you may want to consider doing it sooner than later…

    Contact me for a viewing!

    Thank you for your support and understanding. 

  • Globetrotter’s Farewell

    Globetrotter’s Farewell

    The backstory:

    It was my first Fearless Abstract Painting Course with Samantha DaSilva in May 2013, and I was a bundle of nerves. I had no idea what I was getting myself into, only that I craved new art skills and respected the body of work that my new instructor had created. I followed her shopping instructions (poorly) and ended up bringing several tubes of professional grade acrylic paint (expensive!), an ink roller (wrong!) and only one slim canvas (not gallery stretched) to my first class at Chinook Learning Center. As I rolled the blue paint over the canvas my plastic ink roller squeaked relentlessly, bumping over the wooden canvas frame and distracting the other students. Samantha instructed us to spray it with water to help the paint spread, and the new blob of white acrylic paint moved across the slick surface like a slug...not blending, not flowing--Not exactly what I had in mind! I was embarrassed, but determined to keep going.

    Fast forward a few weeks later and Globetrotter eventually emerged into something beautiful. Despite the surprises and frustrations, trials and errors, I saw it through and had a lot of fun! I sometimes struggle to make time for myself and do the things that I want to do. I’m always busy with volunteering or obligations of some sort, always planning and anticipating. It gets exhausting at times, but I can’t seem to break that habit. Painting forced me to slow down, take a breather, and just enjoy the moment!

    Globetrotter was a tough painting to sell for sentimental reasons. It was my first “fearless abstract”. Its beauty gave me confidence, which encouraged me to create a website and turn my hobby into something a bit more serious. It is my cover image for my Create Fate business cards. It reminded me that it’s okay to experiment and make mistakes, and so long as you are willing to work on them, it will eventually become a thing of beauty. It keeps me humble.

    I am so happy that Globetrotter sold to Dante, a dear friend of mine! It is going to live up to its name as she’s moving to Colorado in one month, and said she wants it to grace her walls in her new apartment. I wouldn’t have sold it to anyone but her, and I’ve always loved seeing my art find new homes…especially when I know the painting is loved by their new collector as much as they’re loved by me.             

  • 24 Hours

    I'm in a GREAT mood!

    In the past 24 hours: 

    -Shane (my talented photographer boyfriend), Isolde (my award-winning hair and makeup artist) and four inspiring Backcountry Beauties completed a creative photoshoot for a charity initiative last night (more about this in the coming months!). 

    -I completed a bunch of chores today and picked up the materials for a new commission order 

    -I bought a Square Reader, so I can now accept credit card payments from my cellphone (this will help immensely for July's GLIMPSE showcase on July 10th!)

    -I SOLD TWO PAINTINGS! Peony Gardens and Copper Porphyry are going to their new forever homes.

    This weekend is shaping up to be amazing. I hope yours are all starting on a good note, too :)

    Much love,


  • Nine Collector Tips from Nine Canadian Gallery owners

    Collector Tip #1:

    “The biggest hurdle for many first time collectors is getting past the price of art. But remember

    it’s one of the few purchases you’ll make that will hold or increase in value over time. Amortize

    the cost over 20 or 25 years, and factor in the dividends of pleasure it will pay you every time

    you look at it, and buying art is a bargain.”

    Collector Tip #2:

    “Learn to trust your own tastes and don’t get caught up in hype and trends. Good art endures. If

    you’re moving or redecorating, consider reframing or rearranging your art. Educate yourself

    with the guidance of a qualified art dealer.”

    Collector Tip #3:

    Bugera recommends that first-time collectors look around the galleries, develop your own taste

    and listen to the dealers talk about the artists. But in the end buy what you love rather than

    what someone may say is an investment, because art as an investment is always a gamble.”

    Collector Tip #4:

    “Use the internet, Facebook and Twitter to search out new artists. Don’t be afraid to email or

    text the artist or the gallery with questions, to find out about new work and upcoming

    exhibitions. Enjoy the thrill of the hunt – however, you choose to hunt!”

    Collector Tip #5:

    “Research is an enjoyable aspect of art collecting. Attend “meet the artist” receptions; read

    reviews in newspapers and magazines to see what critics say about the artist or the genre that

    interests you.”

    Collector Tip #6:

    “Don’t hesitate to visit galleries often — they’re free. It’s one of life’s great pleasures. And if you

    see something you like, ask the staff whether you can try the painting at home before you

    commit. Layaway possibilities are also worth asking about.”

    Collector Tip #7

    “Most reputable galleries offer a trial period, where you can take a work home for a period of a

    week, maybe two to see how the work fits into your space. If you’re interested in a piece, don’t

    be afraid to ask the gallery if you can take it home on a trial basis.”

    Collector Tip #8

    Don't be concerned about too much art. It's fun to take down pieces and replace them with

    something else, then bring them out and hang them In a different location to see them in a

    different light or context. Go ahead and play curator with your collection.”

    Collector Tip #9

    “Purchase pieces of the best quality possible. Not all works by a given artist are equal;

    developing an eye for quality is critical to building a strong collection. Better to buy a

    well-executed smaller piece, than a less well-executed large piece. Taking courses to learn more

    about art techniques can be useful.”


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