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  • New Partnership: Rewind Clothing

    This summer has been wonderful. I have been busy with the flower garden, wine tasting in BC, and many great nights out with my globe-trotting friends who were kind enough to visit our humble abode in cowtown! I have been all play and no work…well, almost no work…

    I was determined to reach one of my goals: to get my artwork on DISPLAY! I felt bad for my paintings, leaning against my studio walls and not getting the attention they deserved. They needed to be SEEN, and staying under my roof was not supporting this dream.  

    After some fishing around and a few broken promises, a dark-haired angel answered my prayers and opened up her walls to me. She runs a beautiful consignment clothing boutique DOWNTOWN, with a vaulted ceiling, a brick accent wall, and lots of colorful items to complement my latest paintings…it was an ideal setup! In addition, she has generously offered her space commission-free (which means more $ will go to charity). I am so grateful for this opportunity!

    Five of my paintings are hanging proudly on the walls of her boutique. I paid them a visit the other day and accidently (*ahem!*) bought a few new outfits…I could have easily spent another hour pouring through the racks of goodies, but had to cut myself off once a lineup for the dressing rooms began to form!

    If you are ever in the mood for a unique shopping experience (for clothing or art), do yourself a favor and check out Rewind Clothing on MacLeod and 10th Ave SE!