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  • My First Commission Piece

    My Aunt is renovating her house. New paint, new floors, new furniture, and…new ART! There’s a large gallery-style space along her back stairwell that is begging to be filled with…something. After nearly buying a large painting to complement the space, she opted instead to hire me as a commission artist to paint her something beautiful. But what is beauty?

    Everyone knows the saying “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.” What do my Aunt’s eyes perceive as beautiful? I have no idea if she even likes abstract art!

    Of course I was flattered by her request, but TERRIFIED the moment I accepted to do it. I was wondering if she just wanted to “help me out”, as family typically does. She is a very particular person, with very particular taste (good taste, thankfully!). The only thing I could do was shop for the right size of canvas, ask her for some patience and her colour preference. She chose (*drumroll*): HOT PINK! (*crashing of cymbals!*)

    …HOT PINK terrifies me! I’ve always been attracted to cool, earthy colours (blues, greens, browns) so those are typically the hues I am most comfortable working with. This was going to be a challenge…

    To calm my nerves I took three approaches:

    1) research hot pink items found in nature (flowers, tongues, flamingos, sunsets),

     2) buy two canvasses in case I screwed up, and

    3) calm myself down and make peace with the pink. Even if I loathe it, she could love it. It would be nice to strike a balance…

    As you can see, my first attempt was a complete disaster. To me, it looked like a mouldy, decomposing corpse (perhaps I’ve just been watching too much Walking Dead?). It was very discouraging at first. Time for another route, and maybe start working on canvas #2…

    In the end, with enough paint and salt and gels and patience, my opinion was starting to change. My finished product is something that I’m finally proud of. And even if she doesn’t like it, my sanity will stay intact in knowing it’s just not right the right choice for HER.  

    One canvas down, one more to go! Both are very different styles. I’m curious to see which one she prefers in the end!  

    Stay tuned…